The SIBRIDGE Optimize product offering increases the value of your enterprise assets by exposing inefficiencies, identifying opportunities for improvement, and defining initiatives to better align your technology with your business strategy.

SIBRIDGE’s Optimize offering identifies the critical set of key performance indicators required to measure the performance your products and services, analyzes performance reports to identify performance gaps, and recommends a course of action to eliminate these gaps.

The SIBRIDGE Optimize product offers you the following services:

Performance Indicators – Our consultants will work with you to define and inject the set of best-fit, key performance indicators that measure progress toward your business goals.  At SIBRIDGE, we recognize the critical need for each KPI to have a corresponding goal and for each to link directly to higher-level metrics.  

Accountability – This SIBRIDGE service identifies the performance data elements and implements the tools that collect, store, translate, and report performance information.  Our consultants will uncover and eliminate data delivery bottlenecks and develop a data quality plan so that resistance to data quality is addressed and managed through quality processes much like Six Sigma.

Measure – Our Measure service is a program management function that supports or directly administers a Performance Management plan with specific, targeted improvement objectives.  As part of this service, our consultants place emphasis on developing and implementing Strategy Maps and a Balanced Scorecard as mechanisms to align and focus performance improvement initiatives with business strategy.

Report – This SIBRIDGE service designs and implements performance management reports that provide you with insight into the health of your business processes and services.  The service involves the identification, development, and administration of performance data, data analysis, and reporting.

Improve – This service focuses on eliminating the gap between the existing and desired levels of performance.  To understand these gaps and their root cause, our consultants assess trends, identify patterns, make comparisons, and apply statistical controls to understand process variation.  With this foundation, we’ll recommend your proper course of action as well as assess the impact on your business if needed improvements are not timely or not made at all.

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